Fishing is a typically Dutch sector, of which we can be proud. But, unfortunately, the sector regularly comes under pressure. However, safety should never suffer. Working Safely at Sea is there for everyone, and enters into dialogue with everyone. We support large and small entrepreneurs, for example, with educational materials. We listen carefully and we raise issues to improve safety where necessary.

Being aware of dangers at sea makes us safer

Safety is top priority in the 24/7 fishing industry, according to Mate Leen Kuit. Although there are improvements, he remains alert to accidents, such as when his colleague became trapped between a winch.

Fisheries webinar

Industry representatives talk to each other about safety. How can we improve work safety together?

Interview with Richard

Richard works as a skipper. He explains the dangers he encounters while hoisting nets.

good communication

As a fisherman, you often work together with a colleague. It's very important to maintain a good communication, for both the atmosphere and safety.

Preventive collaboration for safety

John van Seventer, a fisheries safety expert, stresses the importance of communication and cooperation with crew members to improve safety on board.


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Falling nets

You don't want to get hit on the head by a falling net. Especially when you are at sea and you can't get back quickly. Do you wear your helmet when standing by the nets?

Interview with ben

As an ex-fisherman, Ben knows how dangerous it can be on board, especially in bad weather.

Gloves contribute to safety on board

Are you wearing the right gloves for work on board?

Radio Medical Service

The KNRM Radio Medical Service provides assistance to ships anywhere in the world. They mostly sail out for sick people. However, an accident can happen at any time.

live vest

Ben jumps into the training pool of STC-KNRM. Once with and once without a life jacket. What do you think is safest on open water?

Interview with Henk

Henk shares a compelling story about a rescue operation with a fatal outcome.