hydraulic engineering webinar

How to tackle safety in the industry? By talking to each other and making it possible to discuss problems openly. In this webinar, presenter Joost Hoebink sits talks to representatives from the hydraulic engineering sector.

procedures and rules must be in line with natural human behaviour in order to be successful

What developments has the sector gone through in recent years and what influence does the shore organisation have on safety? In this webinar Jan Huijbers, Sharif Spieker, Erik Leutscher and Eelko Muns sat down to discuss safety. On the basis of various questions and videos, an open discussion about safety in the sector arose.

Jan Huijbers - General Manager at Van den Herik Sliedrecht
Sharif Spieker - Boskalis Captain
Erik Leutscher - Fleet Manager at Van Oord
Eelko Muns - Teacher
Hendrik Postma - Dutch Association of Hydraulic Engineers Chairman

Watch the whole webinar here. Click on CC for subtitles.

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