Fishing webinar

How to tackle safety in the industry? By talking to each other and making it possible to discuss problems openly. In this webinar, presenter Joost Hoebink sits down with representatives from the fishing industry.

Personal protective equipment must be properly tailored, otherwise it is of no use

What makes the sector so challenging and how much attention is paid to working safely on board? In this webinar, led by Joost Hoebink, people involved in the fishing industry discuss safety. Based on various questions and videos, an open discussion about safety in the sector ensues.

Albert Baaij - TH-10 Skipper
Eric van der Linde - KNRM Skipper
Rolf Slothouwer - Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate

Wim van der Boon - Parlevliet & Van der Plas Trawler Skipper
John van Seventer - Parlevliet & Van der Plas Safety Expert

Ment van der Zwan - Cornelis Vrolijk's Visserij Maatschappij Head of Personnel & Foundation Sector Council for Fisheries Chairman

Anne-Marie van Seters - Co-owner family business SL-27

Watch the whole webinar here. Click on CC for subtitles.


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