merchant shipping webinar

How to tackle safety in the industry? By talking to each other and making it possible to discuss problems openly. In this webinar, presenter Joost Hoebink talks to representatives from merchant shipping.

Every accident is one too many

What kind of accidents happen in merchant shipping, is there enough attention for training, and how can we work together to make the sector safer? In this webinar, Cathelijne Bouwkamp, Arthur van der Kaay, Florus van de Streek and Katja van der Wall discuss safety. Based on various questions and videos, an open discussion about safety in the sector ensues.

Cathelijne Bouwkamp - KVNR
Arthur van der Kaay - SHEW Manager at Anthony Veder
Florus van de Streek - SSHEW Officer at de Bock Maritime
Katja van der Wall - Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate


Watch the whole webinar here. Click on CC for subtitles.


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