Merchant shipping

During the stay in the ports, a lot of heavy goods are moved on board our merchant ships. This sometimes involves enormous tons of weight being lifted. That is not without risk. Are you aware of all the dangers on board? Do you communicate well with your colleagues about the work? For example, do you know where you stand during exciting activities? Keep yourself and your colleagues sharp! Take a look at the stories of colleagues on this site. Feel free to take a look at the other maritime sectors as well.


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Webinar Merchant Navy

Industry representatives talk to each other about safety. How can we improve work safety together?

Radio Medical Service

The KNRM Radio Medical Service provides assistance to ships anywhere in the world. They mostly sail out for sick people. However, an accident can happen at any time.

Justin about the hatch crane

The large crane is an important part of the job, but it can also cause many dangers.

Interview with Konstantin

When you work with chemicals, it is extra important to stick to the safety rules. Konstantine knows all about it.

Hatch crane

Have you ever seen an accident with a hatch crane?

live vest

Ben jumps into the training pool of STC-KNRM. Once with and once without a life jacket. What do you think is safest on open water?

Interview with michiel

As the Captain, Michiel believes it is important that no one is afraid to speak up about safety on board.

Interview with Justin

Justin talks about his work as a First Mate and the daily risks of the job.

Confined space

Do you regularly carry out safety inspections?